Easy Homemade Simple Syrup

Syrups are sugary concentrations that can be used in various beverages, from coffee and tea to mocktails and cocktails, and for decorating cakes and dolloping on waffles and pancakes.

As the name suggests, simple syrup is easy to make and can be stored in the fridge for quite some time. Hence, people generally make a larger batch and use it repeatedly whenever necessary.

This article discusses simple ways to make delicious syrups at home, which have longer shelf lives.


Different types of syrups

Simple syrup only requires two ingredients – equal parts of water and sugar. However, people can also play around with different ingredients based on their use case. Also, most people like to swap white sugar with brown substitutes, which can enrich the consistency and give a caramelized aftertaste.

Honey is also another alternative for health-conscious people. But their use in cocktails is quite limited as honey has a thicker consistency and does not dissolve in simple water.

Flavored syrups are a great option to bring our different flavors.

Brown simple syrup

It combines equal water and brown sugar (light or dark). Pour it into a pan and on high flame and bring it to a simmer. Lower the flame until the sugar is completely dissolved in water.

Honey simple syrup

If you wish to make – flavored honey syrup, add an equal part of honey and water, and you can increase the quantity to two parts if you’re looking for a sweeter base. It is best to experiment with different honey flavors for this recipe, as each one adds a unique flavor.

Citrus-flavored simple syrup

This slightly twisted version of simple syrup involves equal parts of water and sugar in a pan. Bring it to a simmer on high heat and lower the temperature once the sugar begins to dissolve. Once all the sugar in the pan is melted, add fresh mint leaves and citrus peel like a lemon peel or an orange peel. Once the concentration begins to cool, the flavors of mint and citrus are absorbed into the liquid. The same procedure can be applied to adding spices like cinnamon, star anise, cloves, etc.

Tips on making a simple homemade syrup

Once a syrup is made, storage is one of the most challenging parts. Since a simple syrup will last up to 4 weeks, it is best to seal it in an air-tight container and store it in a refrigerator. However, flavored syrups have a much lesser shelf life and should be used within two weeks.

While making flavored syrup at home, adding the flavor-inducing ingredients is essential after turning off the heat and giving ample time for the syrup to cool down. This allows the flavors to soak in completely in the liquid.

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