Ways To Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Weight management and fat loss are the most popular terms in the fitness industry. Nearly 60% of the world is involved in losing weight to reach their fitness and health goals. While people need to lose weight to attain better health and physic, knowing how to track your process without using a scale is also essential. Getting on the weighing scale is a great tool to know in which direction you’re headed, but, it is also one of the most superficial ways of tracking your progress.

There is a lot more effort that goes into tracking your progress than just standing on a scale and believing in the numbers.

Weight management

A person’s weight fluctuates every part of the day. Hence, it is essential to ditch the scale for once and employ other feasible techniques to track your weight loss progress.

The process of losing weight is not just narrowed to numbers but includes changes in mood, body composition, health, and other factors which cannot be measured in numbers. Hence, we have composed a list of ways by which you can track your weight loss progress and fitness goals.

Maintain a diary

The age-old technique of writing down goals and feelings also does justice in the weight loss sector. If you’re starting as a beginner, a diary can be your best friend in understanding how you feel and what motivates you. You can jot everything down, from tracking calories to writing down which program works best for you!

Taking photos

It is one of the most underrated yet best ways to track your progress. When people start losing weight, it changes their body composition, and they could lose fat from places they didn’t expect. What you see is an excellent way to know where you’re losing weight and how to trim your routine and diet plan to achieve your goals. Ultimately, how you look and feel matters more than what you see on a scale.

Motoring your goals

It is best to follow the 28-day routine plan. This plan suggests people be patient and put in the hard work for 28 days and measure their progress in terms of the numbers on the scale, the way they feel, their energy levels, the way their clothes fit, and other factors. Once your results are in, repeat it for the next 28 days by trimming your diet and workout based on your goals 28 is a magic number in the fitness industry.


Make use of apps

There are apps for every possible activity. For example, use an excellent fitness tracker application to track your workouts, step count, calories burned, etc. You can also use the help of other nutrition apps to help track your meals and monitor your daily calorie intake. Doing so can measure how far you have come and what it takes to stay on track.

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